Q4: How come he became God, and Jesus became Jesus, and he was so nice to people that hurt him and he could heal blind people?


I recall who wrote this question, a really kind and lovely girl. She hit the jackpot by seeing a part of the Bible that exposed who Jesus was and WHY He came to this earth. Thank you.

Long ago, a very long time ago, after Adam and Eve 'messed up' they were expelled from God's presence in the Garden of Eden. (see Genesis chapter 3)

God had to expel them simply because: "The eye of God cannot look upon evil." (Habakkuk 1:13).

Wanting a 'Family' God set in motion a plan to get his people back with him in heaven. (We could not be good enough by ourselves.)

Jesus was to go to earth, live as a human, yet be God's son, and teach 12 disciples all he could about God. Examples: Giving sight to the blind, raising the dead to life and yes, loving their enemies. (Loving them does not mean liking them.)

Then came the ultimate: "I will be handed over to sinful men and be crucified but I will rise to life again on the third day." (Luke.18:31-33)

NOBODY had ever said that before! Come back to life again!

Dunno what he means, they must have thought because people just don't do that.

Well He did.

Those 12 disciples were so changed when He did come back from death, that nobody could shut them up. They were the beginning of the Christian church in 33 AD. Just 12 of them.


# clay brock on 12/31/14 at 07:22
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# chea puccis on 04/03/14 at 11:10
If you look for the learnings that are available and start to appreciate them, the process can actually transform your life. He deceived our first parents into joining in his rebellion, and through their obedience to him rather than God, gained death for us all.
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