Yes, He is the creator of humans all right. I believe that when a newly married couple have their first baby, it is a beautiful miracle. He/she is 50% mum and 50% dad and to them ? the most beautiful baby in the whole world. Come back in twenty years time and see the result of what has gone into that child?s mind and body. Lots of good things...or drugs, alcohol, and maybe damaged DNA (from drugs) by mum or dad before the child was born. Add to that good pure food and clean air - or polluted air and chemically laden food and drink - and you have the result in the 20-year-old boy or girl. Could be a brain surgeon, or a drug addict. All depends on how the parents raise and feed the child. Let me quote Zig Ziglar again. (A song put to the tune The Hokey Pokey.) ?You dump garbage in You get garbage out, You dump garbage and you spread it all about. You?re into ?Stinkin thinkin? and kickin? cats around, That?s what losing is all about. You put ?Good Stuff? in, You get ?Good Stuff? out, You put ?Good Stuff? in, And you spread it all about, You quit your ?Stinkin Thinkin? And kicking cats around. That?s what winning is all about. (Zig Ziglar, Perth, 1984) We are all a product of our parents, homes, schools, and work, Friends, ?rellies? and our choices. Yes we all make choices every day to do right or wrong. God did not make us robots but people with a free will to choose right or wrong.
Part of the answer to this one is in the last question Q51. Trouble is too many kids do not get enough hugs from a mum and dad who truly love and cherish them. And, this really grieves me ? some kids know that they are not really wanted. They get almost no affection or hugs at home and many are abused too. That is very, very sad to see. Without care and affection many kids take to alcohol and drugs to: ?Take away the pain.? What pain? The pain of knowing that nobody really cares if they have been abused, or if they live or die. In World War Two (1939 to 1945) Germany?s leader, Adolph Hitler, thought he would raise a generation of ?Super Aryan Germans? who would grow up to run and rule the world after the war. The babies were to be brought up tough - with little care or love. With no mother to hug and love them - the children mostly became mental defectives. Listless and without any real spark in their hearts. I would say to you that a loving mum and dad with time to give to their children is a priceless gift to a child. Without it resentment and anger could be the result and too many may become hateful and with no respect. Sorry this page is a sad look at society in Australia today. May you set your heart on being a good mum or dad when your time comes?
Yes, God did, in the beginning, create everything that was good. However, when Adam and Eve?s children grew up there was a murder. Yes! Sad to say, out of jealousy Cain murdered his brother Abel. God warned Cain that: ?...sin is crouching at your door and desires to have you but you can beat it.? Advice ignored; and when Cain was banished far away, what did he say? ?Oh, my punishment is too much to bear.? He was warned! And there was no ?Sorry.? (Gen.4:1-16). We can be a difficult lot, and selfish at times. God did create ?good? things but we choose to use them to our own advantage too often. We are all ?slow learners? in life. I do not think there are many exceptions and getting to know God takes a lifetime ? a bit each day. ?Fighting?? If aliens have been watching us for very long, they must shake their heads and say: ?Will they never learn ? always fighting and they have the prettiest planet of all ? but insist on fouling it up!" We are a weird mob. True or not? Feel welcome to add YOUR comment.
When they get transformed. What? No, I do not mean the model plastic transformers, or the electric power transformers on poles in your street. Not long after Jesus was crucified, buried and transformed back to life by God, a very zealous Jew (a Pharisee) named Saul hated Christians. He had an I.Q. of around 150, very smart and highly educated as well. He was so well connected he got letters from the Temple Priests and made it his job to catch Christians, put ?em in chains and have them sent to Jerusalem for punishment, even death, just for believing in this ?Jesus?. Paul and his group were on their way to Damascus to find some more when he got a shock and fell to the ground and heard a ?voice? sayig, ?Saul, Saul, why do you persecute Me?? Saul: ?Who are you Lord?? ?I am Jesus who you persecute.? Saul was now blind and was led by his group to Damascus. He spent several days there in meditation (not used to being blind) and God sent a Christian to heal him, but he said: ?But he?s a menace to us.? God said ?I?ve changed him.? Saul was healed and was transformed into a Christian supporter in place of the persecutor he used to be. Read it all in "Acts 9:1-31." Google it! There were many attempts to kill him but they all failed and Saul, now known as Paul, could not be silenced. That was called, and still is today ?A Damascus Road experience?. TV and radio commentators use the phrase today to describe a complete turn around of a person?s way of life. Another word is ?conversion?. This writer can easily spot a Christian from Asia. How? There is ?life? ? a true sparkle in their eyes, and all fear is gone. I do not say that lightly. Becoming a true Christian completely changes a person. SO ... your answer? When those people discover that God is real and truly follow the way of Jesus. Maybe then. Maybe only when we are in heaven ? because things look bad these days here on earth. Phew! That was long, sorry.
I have asked this one myself, as have millions of ordinary folk. There is no simple answer. Sorry about that, but is a very common, very complex (hard to understand and explain) question. I broke my back on the tenth anniversary of the birth of my only son. He died six years before. Simple coincidence; or Devil?s work to ?rub salt into a wound?? Nobody laughed for years in our family, after he died. You may have good reason to ask it too. We all eventually have to ?deal? with what we are given (like in a game of cards) because we cannot see the future. God can! Many folk pay money to find out the future from people who think they can tell them the future. They can never be truly sure but they do take people?s money for their opinion. ?Humph!? A seventeen-year-old disabled girl, and me, have said ?Thank you? to God for the serious disability?and the life that came after it. For me it was not easy! Mrs Joni Eriksson-Tada was one. Joni had a diving accident and became a quadriplegic as a seventeen-year-old girl. Like me, it took years to get used to quadriplegia, but Joni has written, I think seventeen books on how God has led her since her diving accident. She?s helped many! Me, at 39 years of age, I got baptised. A clear voice said then: ?You?ll be working with children.? I had no idea what it meant and the guy who baptised me heard nothing. I soon forgot about it. Four years later I had a fall at home, got paraplegia and got into a wheelchair. I was enrolled at University two years later. I became a teacher at 49 yo. Did that for seven years and became a Scripture teacher in 1988. This year is my 23rd year as a Scripture teacher, and this book is a part of ?big picture? of which I knew nothing when I broke my back. They have been the best years of my life. If somebody had told me that all of that would happen in the future ? I would have laughed at such a ?wild? idea. It happened! We ask this question pointing our finger at God. But, is He to blame? No. He can and does do miracles but does not make bad things happen to ?good? people. He can ?make lemonade from lemons?. Complainers who point the finger at God and ask: ?Why?? do not give God a thought when things go well. Do you agree? My favourite story in the Bible is about a man called Job. The richest man in all that land. God allowed Satan to harm Job really badly. The whole story exposes Satan for what he is. Read in the Bible the book of Job chapters 1 to 3 and 38 to 42. It tells much of the character of Job, Satan, God and men. ?What miserable comforter you are. Will your long winded speeches never end?? said Job (Job 16:1-2). Well worth reading.

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The Answerer - Peter Harris, answered children's questions from his many years of teaching "Scripture" classes.
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