An awful lot of people have asked or thought upon that question. Especially me.

Yes! This writer has been a T12 incomplete paraplegic for 37 years.

That means my legs do not work and never will.

A short answer?I do not know, but this is a longish answer:

Exactly what is a disability? There are hundreds of them and some are brought on by the use of drugs, alcohol and smoking and also industrial poisoning.

In Jesus? day many were not healed. Why? On one occasion Jesus left a crowd without healing all who were sick. Jesus said: ?I must go on to other villages and tell them the ?good news??.

Question 72 says: ?Why does there have to be heartache for there to be compassion?? Very insightful for a child to see that.

Suppose a foolish woman conceives a baby. She continues smoking and drinking. She is told, ?It will damage the baby,? but continues to drink and smoke and the baby does have a mental disability. The child must suffer, being not normal for all his life. Awful!

Should she call on God to ?heal her child? of this disability? And when he does, she may do the same with the next baby!

I worked as a teacher in a school for children with disabilities for a while. I soon noticed that a disabled child brought out the best or worst in parents. Some parents were just lovely in their care for their child. Others ?did a runner? to escape and some never really learnt how to ?handle? a disabled child.

I have also noticed that quite a few people I have known who had never been sick or ?down in the pits? of life were quite often uncaring for those who suffered a lot. If they got sick, had a close shave with death in a car smash or something similar - then they became changed people: They became more caring and helpful for those in need.

This life (~70 years) is really only a preparation for life after death. (Eternity is forever.) Sickness, although painful, often brings out in people compassion and love they never would have dreamed of without seeing, or having, a disability.

I cannot, dare not, dwell on why!

Euthanasia: People who are suffering, really suffering from various diseases and would rather be dead than live any longer pose a terrible dilemma for caring doctors. They know the anguish of not being able to help that person die even though that is their dearest wish to be out of this world. I personally would lean towards not prolonging a life that has run its course and there is no hope of recovery. The Bible does not touch on this dilemma, but there is in this modern world an awful lot of unseen suffering.

(I said it would be long. Sorry.)

That?s a most interesting question and I do not really know.

I guess it would be smart to ask one of them. They don?t advertise too much, maybe they are ashamed but on TV they come over bold and happy. I have heard of ?The Church of Satan?.

I ploughed through three pages of churches in my street directory but no Church of Satan did I find. Nor in the phone book. I know they exist but I am not going on the WWW. Too confusing.

Why worship the Devil? Looking for something new and exciting? Many follow that trail for a while. Maybe a need to contact the dead?

There have always been people in touch with Satan or his ?black? angels. They are mentioned a bit in the Bible.

There are demons, evil spirits, demonic forces and so on around us. Your folks may have seen a movie called The Exorcist. It was about demon possession. That is real and the Devil is alive. Why worship him? I know not. Maybe the people worshipping him are possessed and do not know it.

The churches have priests or laymen who know about the Devil, and they are taught the ability to deliver a person from Satan?s power. It is called ?deliverance ministry?.

Satan is real but many do not know it is true.

Oh boy! That?s some question indeed.

I do not know but I?ll try do dig up some pointers.

First, people (us) are not judges of such difficult things and any person who claims to give you a sure answer, ignore it. It is a job for God only.

Myself: after I broke my back I would have suicided if I got the opportunity. I was a Christian but my mental state, then, was pretty sick.

Had I suicided then I would like to think that as God is merciful I would go ?upstairs? not ?down?.

Do you know anybody named Judas?

I think not. The only being I know with that name was a sheep. It was old, very tame and would lead a mob of sheep into the slaughterhouse, but Judas would go through a different gate to freedom.

Nobody, but nobody is named Judas because he was one of the 12 disciples and for money, (30 pieces of silver), he betrayed Jesus to His enemies, the priests and temple police.

Later Judas suicided and the Bible says the eleven disciples elected another to replace Judas.

It is not recorded that Jesus hated Judas but King David wrote in Psalms: ?Leave his house empty and don?t let anyone else live there.? and ?Let someone else have his job.? (Psalm 69:25) and (Psalm 109:8) I doubt that he would be welcomed in heaven because his attitude was money grubbing and selfish.

In my Bible reference books the word ?judge? and ?judgement? occur hundreds of times. God, the Father and Jesus, the Son, are said to ?judge fairly? and to ?judge mercifully.?

That tells me that evil people who murder and hurt people (especially children) will be in big trouble. Jesus himself said: ?Whoever hurts one of these, my little ones? or ?hurts the conscience of a little child? it would be better for him to be cast into the sea with a large rock tied around his neck? (Matthew 18:6) i.e. that would be better than judgement day.

So, I cannot give you an answer as to the judgement of God in suicide. I know that love and compassion are His main features.

You have every right to ask because you have prayed.

Please do not give up praying.

Please note: I could write a book on this question. A large book.

Daniel I think, is the only one in the Bible (the Lions den Daniel) of whom it is written ?you who are highly esteemed by God.? This is 3,000 years ago.

Daniel was in trouble and sent up a prayer to God. When The Archangel Michael did arrive 21 days later, said that: ?the Prince of Persia withstood me 21 days.?

That was God?s enemy delaying God?s work as best he could. That?s a Biblical story (Daniel chapter 10).

Same today! Serious adult Christians know that life is not ?all honey and no bees?. Christians who pray know this battle is continuous.

Please be assured, God heard your prayer. It did not go unnoticed.

God?s way is not instant flash of lightening with results we wanted. It is sometimes instant. My dentist was doing a root canal and having trouble cleaning out the last of two or three. I know her well and she really cares for me.

She was quietly saying, ?Oh, Mr Harris, this is hard,? about three times. I knew she had been trying for several minutes and could not get the last one. With my mouth wide open and full of dentists tools I sent up a silent prayer.

Two seconds later a very relieved dentist said: (sigh) ?Oh, there it is ? that is good.? All done-and the tooth is still very good.

I know not what you pray for, it may be for things God knows will not be good for you. A lot of prayers went up on the sinking Titanic. God answered many. He was there. I am currently reading, Titanic, A survivors story by Colonel Archibald Gracie.

He was a Christian and has written a true story of that dreadful catastrophe. He survived I would say by prayer and faith that God cared.

You may, years later know that some of your prayers were answered but not how, or maybe when you expected.

To get an insight into the way mighty men of God prayed and worked read some of the books on them and by them. i.e. John Newton (Amazing Grace) and Charles Wesley. Ask a preacher you know to select and lend a book or two to you.

Do not give up. You are still young and God loves to hear His children pray. There is much to learn and it can be hard work.

Faith is an essential part of knowing God. It does not always come easily or quickly.

Please read on, as this is not a short answer like for many of the questions.

The Emperor Napoleon wrote:

?I know men; and I can tell you that Jesus Christ is no mere man. Alexander, Caesar, Charlemange and I have founded empires. But on what did we rest the creations of our genius? Upon force.

Jesus Christ founded His empire upon love; and at this hour millions of men would die for Him.?

Napoleon I (1769-1825)

Adolph Hitler took the world to war for six years, 1939-1945, and 52 million died. Germany lay in ruins. He suicided. Rule by force?


And think about this piece about Jesus: "His Resume"

?Here is a man who was born of Jewish parents the child of a peasant woman?

He never wrote a book.

He never held office.

He never owned a home.

He never had a family.

He never went to university.

He never put foot inside a big city.

He never travelled, except as a baby, two hundred miles from the place where He was born.

He worked in a carpenter?s shop until He was thirty and then for three years He was an itinerant preacher.

He never did one of the things that usually accompany greatness He had no credentials but Himself.

While still a young man the tide of popular opinion turned against Him.

His friends ? the twelve who had learned so much from Him and had promised Him their loyalty ? ran away from Him and left Him.

One of them denied Him.

He went through the mockery of a trial.

Was nailed to a cross between two thieves.

His executioners gambled for the only piece of property He had on earth ? His coat.

When He was dead He was taken down and laid in a borrowed grave through the pity of a friend.

Nineteen long centuries have come and gone. Yet I am well within the mark when I say that all the armies that ever marched, and all the parliaments that ever sat, all the kings that ever reigned put together have not affected the life of people upon this earth as has this one solitary life. (Author unknown)


Think on this too?

No other book in this world has prophecies that come true.

No other leader of ?religions? in the world have taken on telling the future and its leading characters. All of them give good advice on how to live ? and it?s good advice (most of it). None but the Bible take on telling the future! There are around 300 Bible references as to the future about Jesus. Only a few remain yet to be fulfilled.

None of them said as Jesus did: ?I will be handed over to sinful men, be crucified and will rise to life again on the third day.? (Matthew 20:18-19). Has anyone in history ever said or done that? No!

Finally, many educated men have set out to prove the Bible wrong. They failed and many of them became serious Christians.

In asking, ?Is God real?? I wonder just what proof would convince you? Can you bring me a sample maybe in a bag or bottle, of the love that you have for Mum, Dad, Grandma or anyone you truly love? It just can?t be done.

Or when your heart is breaking and you run to the arms of Mum and throw your arms around her. Not a word is said. Something is happening to have you feel better. No-one else can do it ? only Mum, or another one you love. Can you get me a sample, proof that it makes you feel better? What is it? You cannot prove love, compassion and care but it is there. Same with proving that God is real. Just go on the evidence the (the good stuff) that you see around you and think upon it.

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The Answerer - Peter Harris, answered children's questions from his many years of teaching "Scripture" classes.
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