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The Answerer

Ask your question of ? ?The Answerer?   "Kids ask the questions of Peter Harris ~ "The Answer-er!"   Children continue to ask questions of their Scripture teacher Mr. Peter Harris.   Dear reader: In my first book I answered many questions about:… more »
Dear reader, I, the answerer, am now 89 Years old and I write this memo in a hospital bed in my home state of Western Australia.I have been here for weeks. And I have been thinking that because so many of my readers do not live in Australia, many might… more »
Mostly anything that they have taught by their parents, because everybody needs, even long, to believe in a god of some sort because the human heart: ‘…has an empty space that only God can fill.’ There are many people in developing countries; (that is a… more »
Because most people don’t think, don’t care and just maybe, ‘We’ don’t deserve this once beautiful planet!! I say: ‘Send all polluters on a one way trip to Mars.’ Not a pleasant thing to say of my own country but it’s the truth. Animals do not foul… more »
Well, for starters, I do not believe in reincarnation because it is a very hazy idea, even confusing, and is not mentioned in the Bible – and what if I did come back as a lamb or a pig…I might get eaten! I have spent some time on the WWW reading up on… more »

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The Answerer

The Answerer - Peter Harris, answered children's questions from his many years of teaching "Scripture" classes.
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