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No, but I like to go and see my friends and be among people who think and believe like me. The church is not the building-OK. The church is the people there. Many churches do not have a building, some even met under a tree. In some countries Christians… more »
Many ?groan ups? don?t understand either and that is their fault. In Australia Bibles are plentiful?but are not read enough. Those people are not interested enough to read it all and that are very sad. Australia today is being called a ?Post-Christian?… more »
Good question. It seems that Jesus did leave them alone for a while because the Bible records that they were all afraid and gathered together in an upstairs room after his death. Then – what a surprise – He came through the wall and said, “Hullo.” (John… more »
Punishment for child abusers. - Matthew Ch.6:11-18 NB:‘theanswerer’ has no doubt that children were Jesus’ favourite people. How do I know? Not once did Jesus criticize children- but plenty of times He ‘told off’ the grown-ups! Children cannot say… more »

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The Answerer - Peter Harris, answered children's questions from his many years of teaching "Scripture" classes.
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