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Wow! I have been asked this question many times and it is not that hard to answer. When God created us He had a choice: ?Should humans be always kind, helpful and hurt nobody.? Or should we have a choice to be selfish, greedy and always ?Look after num… more »
  Many kids ask these things and many more too. I guess He gave us the brains to make them and the ability to make them and use them to kill people ? or to heal people of diseases. Dangerous things: Well I have two large knives in my kitchen drawer.… more »
  Thank you for raising this subject. The Devil is very real. Many will say he is not but Jesus talked of him a lot. Paul the disciple wrote to Christians: ?Satan masquerades (can appear to be) an angel of light.? (2 Cor.11:14) Jesus said: ? I saw Sata… more »
  All such questions really go together. ?The end? really means the end of this civilisation, as we know it. The earth ?will be burned up with fire? and there will be a new heaven and a new earth to replace it. And, with, no night, no tears or crying a… more »
To me, this is the Mt. Everest of all questions. The toughest to answer. I have to say honestly that I do not believe there is an answer here on earth now, by anybody. I well know that Jesus knows what will happen tomorrow and in the future. I also… more »

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The Answerer - Peter Harris, answered children's questions from his many years of teaching "Scripture" classes.
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