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  Thank you for raising this subject. The Devil is very real. Many will say he is not but Jesus talked of him a lot. Paul the disciple wrote to Christians: ?Satan masquerades (can appear to be) an angel of light.? (2 Cor.11:14) Jesus said: ? I saw Sata… more »
I don’t know so I can’t say. Way, way back Satan was banished because he had rebellion in his heart, but he was a created angel. Heaven will be far better than we can ever imagine. The Bible says: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has anyone… more »
I have asked this one myself, as have millions of ordinary folk. There is no simple answer. Sorry about that, but is a very common, very complex (hard to understand and explain) question. I broke my back on the tenth anniversary of the birth of my… more »


Q66: Judgement Day

These two words were all that the child wrote to me. Please note that all these questions were written to me and I print them just as I got them with no changes. Many would like to ignore things like a judgement day and hope there will not be one. Jes… more »
Big question indeed. Jesus spoke of them pretty often and His words can be relied on. Everyone thinks of it sometimes. When ‘in extremis’ (very difficult, or near fatal state) everyone thinks of God and mostly pray or curse God. I have heard that soldi… more »

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