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Many folk think of this - but God is a Supernatural being.   He is not like us ? although some could say correctly, ?We are made in his image and likeness? (Gen.1:26). Yes, we are made in his likeness but we cannot do the things that God has done ? he… more »
Yes, He is the creator of humans all right. I believe that when a newly married couple have their first baby, it is a beautiful miracle. He/she is 50% mum and 50% dad and to them – the most beautiful baby in the whole world. Come back in twenty years… more »
Part of the answer to this one is in the last question Q51. Trouble is too many kids do not get enough hugs from a mum and dad who truly love and cherish them. And, this really grieves me – some kids know that they are not really wanted. They get alm… more »
I cannot tell you and I’m sorry that he has gone. We all, in our hearts, want our Grandparents to live forever. That’s how it should be. However some of them can be mongrels and nasty characters and few miss them when they go. To have that good Grand… more »
Q102: Would our family be better if I was not here? And a similar one: Life would be better if I was not here. A Grandma I know told me of this boy’s remarks and that he felt that he was invisible at home (not noticed and ignored) while Mum and Dad… more »

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The Answerer - Peter Harris, answered children's questions from his many years of teaching "Scripture" classes.
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