Q148: When is judgement day?


I do not know. The 12 disciples asked Jesus almost the same question ’…when will these things be?’ and added later as they were all sitting with Jesus discussing future things: ’What events will signal your return and the end of the world?’ (as we know it).

Jesus had been telling them of the destruction of the beautiful temple, a very large and beautiful temple, and they found it hard to believe that as Jesus said: ’…not one stone will be left upon another.’ (The Romans destroyed it 40 years later. None of Jesus’ words were ever untrue.)

In Matthew chapter 24 and chapter 25 Jesus tells it all. I would not suggest that you go and read it now… it is pretty scary and a bit hard to understand. Judgement day is spelt out in chapter 25. Be assured, if Jesus said it, it is from God and will happen. And maybe in your lifetime too; but Jesus said that even He did not know exactly when it would happen.

I am re-writing this in 2019 and I am a little scared/afraid and yet hopeful. This world seems to be heading for trouble  in many small ways. (Political, financial, too many people, 60 million refugees etc) but put together in is bigger trouble.

Recently an Australian man shot dead 50 Muslim people in New Zealand in a Mosque. Next day I heard of 400 christians killed in West Africa by Muslims.  I believe the USA should not be in Iraq or Afghanistan. Someone’s told me:” The USA only wants the oil from there.”

I do not know the whole truth – and the TV news does not tell it all either. TV only want bad news and that always happens – they love it!! In many countries it is very difficult to be a Christian or build a church. (Look up some countries on the www to see). My country, Australia, has many churches and mosques and no restrictions on religion. Not so in some other countries. Jesus said. “When the good news about the kingdom has  been preached all around the world and told to all the nations, then the end will come.” (Matthew chapter 24 verse 14) Many countries will not allow Jesus (his kingdom) to be told or broadcast at all. This is sad because until then “The end will not come”. When ‘the end’ does come – then it is judgement day. Sorry it is so complicated.

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