Q163: Why is the world polluted?

Greed, stupidity and the love of money!! The pollution begins with our parents who do not, or will not, teach their children good and clean habits. This carries on into adulthood when maybe the child is grown up, has a business and is making money, what our parents taught us carries on there too.

A pretend case: If this business man has a lot of waste, then he must decide how to get rid of it. Some pay registered business people to take the ‘muck’ away and pay them for it. Others will, and do, tip it into the river as night. Fish die, the river stinks and is dangerous for a while, but the guy saved, say $1,000.00, as the cheapest way to get rid of the ‘muck’. This has happened a lot in the past but some people, and yes, good kids do join in to put a stop to such people polluting our water. Scientists can now discover exactly what the chemical was and who deals with that chemical, and heavy fines are the result. It is helping a lot, but much damage has built up in our rivers and oceans. Fast food outlets can be a problem with littering from the packaging. Do your bit (tell them off) to embarrass them and reduce visual pollution in our streets. It can be done if enough people like you who care, and demand that it be stopped. More heavy fines for people who drop litter – or send ’em to Mars.

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