Q61: Why is life so hard? What is the meaning of life?

It will all be revealed in heaven! Why is life so hard? Further back is a question “Why are we so mean?” (Q22). I cannot here give an answer that is accurate and true. I have not met you and looked into your eyes and checked your health. Please read Q22 and have a long thorough talk with your doctor, Mum/Dad school chaplain or someone and so ensure there are no physical problems. It could be that you want too much! A teacher told me, that in one country in Africa you cannot send your child to such-and-such a school because you have glass in your windows. Why? ‘That means you are already quite rich if you can afford glass in your windows.’ Wow! Our country is much blessed and some of us want more and more. I hope that is not you. What is the meaning of life? Most people answering this question would hesitate and say: “Well it depends, er, um ... and I don’t want to push my opinions...er.” Many more: “I have no idea.” And it’s true. Many do not think on it and wander through life not caring about the future. You are good, you think about these things and that makes you a leader in some ways. Leaders think. Because I call myself a ‘Serious Christian’ I think God comes in at the front of my answer. What if the entire world obeyed God’s ‘Ten Commandments’? No lying, stealing, murder, adultery (sex outside marriage) and didn’t envy or steal their neighbour’s goods. There are Ten Commandments in Exodus 20:1-17. It could be a very different world. No wars, divorce, or innocents in prison, etc. No police needed! Wow! So, I say the meaning of life is "To love God and obey his laws, teach your children His laws and leave this world a better place for your being on it.

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