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Because most people don’t think, don’t care and just maybe, ‘We’ don’t deserve this once beautiful planet!! I say: ‘Send all polluters on a one way trip to Mars.’ Not a pleasant thing to say of my own country but it’s the truth. Animals do not foul… more »
Greed, stupidity and the love of money!! The pollution begins with our parents who do not, or will not, teach their children good and clean habits. This carries on into adulthood when maybe the child is grown up, has a business and is making money, what… more »
Not quite sure just what you mean but the environment sure is/was beautiful. I wrote ‘was’ because chainsaws have ruined too much of what was once so beautiful. Having no chainsaws would have left a lot of trees standing and slowed down the felling of a… more »
Plenty, but it so was in Jesus’ time too. Lots of things were wrong (Roman occupation was only one of them), no hospitals or medicine as we know them today. Jesus began a new way called ‘Love’ and chose 12 disciples to carry His message after He was… more »
Good question thank you. I do know a little about Egypt. There is plenty of water and land. The Nile River is 6,500km long and has a huge dammed lake 500km long in the hills. Look up Aswan High Dam on the www to read and decide for yourself: What is the… more »

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