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  Thank you for raising this subject. The Devil is very real. Many will say he is not but Jesus talked of him a lot. Paul the disciple wrote to Christians: ?Satan masquerades (can appear to be) an angel of light.? (2 Cor.11:14) Jesus said: ? I saw Sata… more »
  All such questions really go together. ?The end? really means the end of this civilisation, as we know it. The earth ?will be burned up with fire? and there will be a new heaven and a new earth to replace it. And, with, no night, no tears or crying a… more »
See Q6 too. Nobody knows. Be assured it is written, Jesus said He would come back so He will. What Jesus says you can trust? At that time everything will be changed. Wickedness will be shown up and punished, all evil will be judged, the earth will be… more »


Q17: Where is heaven?

I don?t know. Wherever it is, God is there is all I know about that. I mean, we all look up and point ?up there? because nobody knows much at all. I do know that our galaxy, The Milky Way is very, very big. To cross it at 150,000 miles an hour would o… more »
Many ?groan ups? don?t understand either and that is their fault. In Australia Bibles are plentiful?but are not read enough. Those people are not interested enough to read it all and that are very sad. Australia today is being called a ?Post-Christian?… more »

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