To make the world and us I suppose – He needed a family to call his own, you know. Maybe that should include the ‘Big Bang’ and the universe. Who, or what else, could do that? Science lives by the ‘Big Bang’ Theory. But, it is only a theory!

And as for us humans, only a loving, brilliant creator could create the human body. It is so incredibly complex and beautiful at the same time. And 7,000,000,000 faces and no two are exactly the same. That did not come about by evolution!

And the ‘Good News’. I recently read of an aid group meeting in some place to discuss ‘need among poor people’. One non-Christian asked the missionary: “What can you offer these people that we can’t?” The missionary replied, “Forgiveness.” People need a ‘peaceful’ conscience, free from the shame of guilt and regret. God can do that for us as no other ‘god’ can. Some people have such a load of hidden shame and regret that they even suicide to be free of it. Others worry and fret in shame at what they have done in the past. God came to offer ‘Forgiveness’ to us. He came in the form of Jesus. Quite a few prisoners in our jails have time to ‘think’. They read the Bible and get the whole picture of Jesus, who He was and why He came to the earth. They ‘get converted’ there and begin a new direction in their lives – and never return to crime. Others are not sorry for their crime, get out eventually, but resume a life of crime, as they did before, and back to jail!

Well, I have been ‘spoken to’ four times, but not like on a telephone and I was not told who it was. Please read Q.72 on my life. Another time while Bible reading (devotions) a voice interrupted me to say: “Go and see Mrs Arnold.” “Oh no, not her!” I thought or said. For a minute or two ‘we’ (the voice and me) argued back and forth. Yes we did! The ‘voice‘ just kept repeating, “Go and see Mrs Arnold.” No annoyance or emotion at all. I finally agreed, reluctantly, to go from Kalamunda to Lockridge and was 90 minutes late for Bible College lectures. Mrs Arnold lived on the third floor with no phone, lift and no fly or security screens.

Mrs Arnold was about to jump out of the third floor Homeswest flat (unit) and suicide. My visit stopped her. She said: “Well, God must have sent you – I was just about to jump out of the window and kill myself.” She talked non-stop for 45 minutes and I had no chance to tell her that someone actually did send me, but I have to assume it was one of God’s angels telling me: “Go.” (I didn’t tell her I didn’t want to see her!)

Being ‘Spoken to’: I have met one lady three times – but also to hear her tell her story. The story is of a 22 year old, quite a beautiful girl, lost on a child’s canoe (bunca) in the wild South China Sea for three days and two nights – including tropical storms at night. She was ‘spoken to’ by an unseen male voice ten or twenty times!! Yes indeed she was – and scared to death too – and was quite sure she was going to die. She did not die. Three angels kept watch over her the second night. Her book: A Mighty Tempest, by Michelle Hamilton is truly incredible reading. Jonah Ministries can be found on the www.jonahministries. Her story could not have been made up, it is just too incredible, and her book is ‘hard to put down’. I have read it twice and heard her tell it three times. She is a ‘good looker’ and blonde too – and the fishermen who rescued her thought she was: ‘…an Americano mermaid’ – but no, just one very lost girl in the middle of the ocean.

So I know of nobody having Jesus ‘talk’ to them. A ‘voice’ yes, but not saying who he was, but may have been Jesus himself. The written word in the Bible has ample directions to help us to know the way to live and so on. We do need to read the Bible for directions. There is much guidance there.

Well now what a question! Again – this could take a book to answer but I’ll keep it short. I must ask do you mean, the body, or the face? The face, the eyes, the mouth and your expression usually show to the world how you feel and what you ‘stand for’. Some folk don’t like how they look so maybe drink grog to be more acceptable in the eyes of others.

As a youngster your biological mum and dad share the way you look. Later:’You are what you eat.’ Meaning if you live on ‘fast food’ you could look half alive and overweight while your liver and kidneys try to get rid of the ‘rubbish’ you have pumped into it- but it tastes so good. (it tastes so good because your body is not allowed to try good pure food that makes your body, and your eyes sparkle).

Look closely at our Aussie athletes – the hockey team, the swimmers, runners and all the others. “Do you imagine they can be world champions living on ‘Junk food’?” No Sireeee!

On the other hand if a child is abused in any way (sexual, physical or emotional) how can they ‘put on a happy face’ when they feel awful in their heart? Some, maybe most, take to alcohol to dull the pain in their heart. Playing music can help a lot if it is possible when the heart is aching; but not everyone can take up music because it mostly costs money.

And dress: Who do you dress to impress? Your mum, Dad, employer, best friend, a boy or girl you want to attract? Our dress and attitude tell other people what we are, want, or hope to be.

Good question, and ‘Yes.’ He does know but I cannot tell you how? I do know that God has divine (sacred) powers to do such things. We know nothing of these powers except that prayer often changes things our way.

King David deeply trusted God and, as a teenager, killed Goliath, the giant loudmouth, with a stone from his slingshot – the stone sunk into his forehead (no brain to stop it!). This is recorded in 1 Samuel chapter 17 verses 26 to 53. The Bible does not record any prayer of David then; but his mind and words tell us that he must have said a prayer of some sort in his mind as this teenager ran towards Goliath with his stones and his slingshot – towards a three metre tall giant.

David wrote most of the Psalms about God whom he loved so much. David was no angel – he sinned plenty, but he knew that God knew his every thought. He wrote: “O lord you have searched me and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely O Lord. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain.” (Psalm 139 verses 1-6)

This writer, (The Answerer), had an experience last year (details forgotten, sorry) where I added up some unusual happenings when some things went ’My way’. I did not profit financially but it was unusually good in that I figured that God must have known my thoughts and heard my prayers. I do feel silly at not remembering the details (if I remember it I’ll put it on this site later).

I would say not everyone, but some would. In Revelation people dressed in white robes are mentioned and the apostle John (in his vision) was asked: ”Do you know who those people are that are dressed in white robes? Do you know where they come from?” ”Sir.” I answered, “You must know.” Then he told me. “These are the ones who have gone through great suffering.” (Revelation chapter 7 verse 13 to 14) Then the Elder went on to say that because they suffered greatly, God would reward them greatly because their suffering was for the sake of being Christians and they had remained faithful, in spite of much suffering. So some will wear white, maybe for special occasions, the special ones I guess. But our dress is not mentioned as of any real importance. (I do look good in green!)

I cannot imagine the residents ‘up there’ dressing as we do ‘down here’ with fashion changes and all that. It will be good, because whatever we wear Moses has been doing it for 3,000 years. So ordinary clothes will not do! (I wonder if Moses followed fashions, if they are there.)

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