Q3: How come he made dangerous things? Why does he not stop the ozone layer? Why does he make people die?


Many kids ask these things and many more adults too.

I guess He gave us the brains to make them and the ability to make them and use them to kill people - or to heal people of diseases.

Dangerous things: Well I have two large knives in my kitchen drawer. I keep them sharp. I cut bread, cake, and vegetables but I have never hurt anyone with them.

The ozone layer: a human was awfully clever to make up ozone for refrigerators. It was very good until another human discovered it was very dangerous and we stopped using it. Another better chemical was made for fridges.

Bad news: Ozone is banned here but it is still sold in some poor countries.

In this world there are 30,000 (might be 300,000) man-made chemicals and many are poisonous. They can poison / kill or make people very sick. Look up 'Bhopal' on Google to see a bad case of greed, death and pain.

God will not force us to be 'good.' He hopes we will be, but many choose MONEY!

Why does he make us die? So we can take the trip to heaven. Really, this life is only a sort of school to teach us about life and death. We have 70 to 80 years on earth. Heaven (eternity) is FOREVER.


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A geologist at the college or university of alaska I think said: we are consciously or subconsciously choosing healthy thoughts or unhealthy thoughts. Poisonous thoughts poison entire body. We can allow ourselves to indulge in negative thinking.

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