Sadly as Gaza and Israel fight a war

that I don't understand, many people are rushing around looking for food and water, after bombs have stopped many things from working. AID organisations are a gift-from-god trying to help. So thanks if you donated to an organisation, any organisation, even Telethon just recently in Western Australia. It shows you care!

I am sure the hungry and scared people (anywhere) could be helped if this story happened again right now...

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Manna from Heaven


Woman in Pain!  HELP!


Help - A woman needs a Miracle, NOW

What can she do - she has tried everything.

She has asked everyone! 

Except now they say -

'HELP' just walked by ...


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but it is NOT a Bible Story!

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Peter’s relative, Colin put this story as a ‘Blog’ from Peter up on The Answerer website back on 10th January 2022. (Scroll down a lot!) Colin owns a plant nursery and therefore you should listen to his experience when reading this reload here as a picture-click-story. If he can grow thousands of plants every year, then he must know how to get the best out of planting seeds, etc. So I hope you are 'Ready to Hear,' or at least read, maybe read it aloud, to know more about the ‘Good News’ that relates to the last ‘Good News’ story telling you all about THE ‘GOOD NEWS.' Apparently it is not so much about a problem with the 'Good Seed' but rather where you plant it!   So, hear … oh,  I should type here it is ….

Ready To Hear story title picture


Ready To Hear


Now Peter is in hospital ~ 'being waited on hand and foot'

After the last sad news story = here is some GOOD NEWS

Find out what the Good News really means




Peter is back on his keyboard - after moving house.

Apparently, he feels like ripping his shirt as many leaders in the Bible did when things got horrible:

Read this very relevant story that is just like the news we are reading about a lot lately ... sadly!


Oh, here we go ...

Beware Children Tile picture

Beware Children



Maybe during the Coronavirus lockdowns ~

you might have said something like this?

Am I My Brother's Keeper Title Picture

Am I My Brother's Keeper?


Here is a story ~ that you won't want to touch!


Beetle Bomber title picture

Watch out for the Bomber Beetle Bottom ... it's nasty!


Here is another one ~ just off Peter's fingertips! (Go, Peter!)

And it seems we didn't have to be patient since it came so quickly after the last one!

The Patience of Job title page

The Patience of Job (A man's name, not about employment!)


A story about the boy Jesus being late home!

Read the story and see if the same has happened to you?

Jesus Upsets His Parents

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Here is another new story ~ actually an old story from the Bible

that seems to keep repeating itself in modern-day families too!

The Prodigal Son


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This is another new Bible Story added About a Good Woman ...

sounds like a TV series, eh! (The Good wife.)

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How precious is a Good Woman


The Bible in 3 Pages

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The Bible & 3 Nations

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The Bible & 3 Nations Part 2. (New)

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The Rich Man and Lazarus - the Beggar

Joseph ws rejected, neglected then promoted 

Joseph - rejected, neglected, forgotten then becomes the hero

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The Good Samaritan

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The Woman Caught in Adultery

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Have the Best Foundation

Zacchaeus Gets a New Life

Zacchaeus Gets a New Life

The David and Goliath story

David & Goliath

Naaman's Servant Girl gives saving advice

A Slave Girl Saves Her Master

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Bigmouth Gets His Wish

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Special Revelation comes to old man Simeon

Queen Esther

Queen Esther

Jarius' Daughter was Dead!

Jairus' Daughter was Dead!

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Lazarus Raised from the Dead

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Jezebel Promised to Kill Elijah

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Paying Taxes to Caesar

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Writing on the Wall

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The Rich Fool

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Evil Spirit Cast Out

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Daniel in the Lion's Den

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Getting let down through the roof!

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I Saw The Light

These stories are being made easier to choose:

So above is the first 20 are done!

The other 16 stories are coming.

More pictures to come! Sorry NO photo's allowed ... because

cameras had not been invented, back when these stories happened! (joke)



Joseph's Story    -   Check out the artist's expression!

Check out Joseph's story below!



The Selling of Joseph:

As Joseph is sold, he must have been very confused, wondering where God was. 

The buyer, like when buying a horse, camel or a sheep, must find out if the animal is healthy, has no disease or faults and has good teeth. Same with Joseph - a 17 year old boy! He would have been about the age of my students when his brothers did this to him!

Joseph had no say in this ~ actually the brothers had planned to kill him! 

Joseph explains 2 dreams to Pharoah with God's help

This picture is an artist's impression (his idea) of what the scene would have been like.

Note the clothes: no sewing machines to make pants and shirts. Arabs and many cultures 'bargain' or 'haggle' about the price of most things. The buyer wants it cheeo - but the seller wants a high price. It can be fun to watch people in the market place - but no fun for Joseph!

Joseph before Pharoah:

Egypt is very hot and it hardly ever rains. So note the light clothing. You could say that Joseph 'can handle any situation' - because he knows that God will guide his thinking. He gets to be Govenor for 14 years that we know of! That's 

joseph sets up a deliberate trap for his brothers

This is the artist's impression of the scene as the Pharoah who is the ruler of Egypt, seeks the meaning of his two dreams from the Hebrew (Jewish) slave called Joseph.right - Pharoah's second-in-charge!


Joseph's Silver Cup:


The finding of the cup, put there on purpose on 

Joseph's specific instructions, is the turning point in the whole story, totally confusing his brothers.


Joseph looks after his little brother:

Joseph gets Benjamin to stay with him

His little brother Benjamin, now must stay as Joseph's 'slave'. Excellent planning by Joseph and a truly wonderful speech by Judah. (King David and Jesus Christ both come from the tribe of Judah!) 


Although: realise that I am not trying to make important 'God-to-you' things rediculious!

My plan is to get the story across in a way that you might remember.


Consider reading one story each day:

All the stories that were here in text:

Are all changed to the picture-click versions above.


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