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Colin Groom

Are You Ready to Hear?

Some people are, and some are not, and some never will be. Jesus told this story to teach his Disciples (and us) of different people and how some will gladly receive His word, others are just ‘Too busy.’ to take it on board-and some gladly take it and… more »
Punishment for child abusers. - Matthew Ch.6:11-18 NB:‘theanswerer’ has no doubt that children were Jesus’ favourite people. How do I know? Not once did Jesus criticize children- but plenty of times He ‘told off’ the grown-ups! Children cannot say… more »
I recently read a book titled: THE BODY. A guide for Occupants, by BILL BRYSON. It sure was a ‘can’t-put-it-down’ sort of book. It is a ‘Best seller’ too. Bill does not attribute the making of us to God- but I do. Bill is a highly respected writer and a… more »
Some years after Samuel had anointed David, who was then just a young teenager, as the future king of God’s people, Israel, King Saul had grown to hate David and sought (tried) to kill him several times. David had to run! After several serious attempts… more »
Colin Groom

The Good News

This writer, ( recently turned ninety years young (maybe old) and has been thinking a lot lately.   Part of his thinking is that millions of my readers do not normally speak English but like the simple words that I mostly use. So,… more »

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The Answerer

The Answerer - Peter Harris, answered children's questions from his many years of teaching "Scripture" classes.
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