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Our Body - The Miracle We Take for Granted

I recently read a book titled: THE BODY. A guide for Occupants, by BILL BRYSON.

It sure was a ‘can’t-put-it-down’ sort of book. It is a ‘Best seller’ too. Bill does not attribute the making of us to God- but I do. Bill is a highly respected writer and a very popular man. He writes so well. ALL SHOULD READ IT!

I simply put before you a few descriptions as to how our bodies are made up that I did not know about, but was amazed by how it was. Why?

At the finish of the book (it was on loan) I was amazed that my Mum lived to 100 years and I am now 88.

In the 100 years that my mum lived, the work that her heart did –if it was added up to ‘work’ or effort, would have lifted a one-ton weight 150 kilometres into the sky. Phew! (it would have gone past Richard Branson’s space flight!)

Also: An adult human being has about 25,000 km of blood arteries, veins and capillaries (very thin veins) to transport blood to the right places, at the right time and place to keep us warm, or to cool us down.

In a cell (not a drop of blood) there is about a metre of DNA. DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid and it holds chromosomes and genes.  Somehow these all combine together to decide our eye colour, eye shape, nose shape and size, skin colour hair and millions of other features that make us look and work as we live our lives. The DNA is composed of-as Bill says: ‘exquisitely fine strands’. These are so fine that it would take a million of them to be as thick as a human hair.        If, somehow these DNA strands in all of our cells were put end to end (in a long line) it would stretch out to Pluto ... about 1.8 billion km. (1,800,000,000 km). Did God design it?

And antibiotics: These are truly wonderful lifesaving drugs and have saved millions who would otherwise have died. BUT-stupid people are abusing them and using them when they should not. RESULT: Quite a lot of ‘Antibiotic resistant bugs’ that, sometimes, cannot be killed. In 20 years they may be of much less use and millions could die because of the stupid misuse. They also kill gut ‘bugs’- leaving us vulnerable to severe sickness.  DO READ THE BOOK because it might save your life later!!

God put millions of ‘Gut flora’ (good bugs) in our digestive system that keep us healthy and fight off infection and sickness. Please believe that.

Ps: The book is not Bill’s opinions. He liberally quotes maybe thousands of experts in the book. People from major research places, major hospitals and people who work only on one problem and ‘Know their stuff’. All are good sources of knowledge about problems.

Google up “how our eyes work” then “how our ears work”.

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