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A very pleasant place for His family to live in? (You and me!) Well, it used to be much more pleasant! When this writer looks at the rubbish humans leave around I think we do not deserve this lovely place because we have made it a rubbish dump. Animal… more »


Q17: Where is heaven?

I don?t know. Wherever it is, God is there is all I know about that. I mean, we all look up and point ?up there? because nobody knows much at all. I do know that our galaxy, The Milky Way is very, very big. To cross it at 150,000 miles an hour would o… more »
The Bible has no specific information on this. Is says: ?In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.? (Genesis 1:1). He is not human and born like we are. He was ?There? and made it all happen. You will find out all such things when you are… more »
The Bible simply does not to tell us such things so there is no easy answer. I believe that this beautiful world ? trees, flowers, animals, birds, butterflies and cuddly animals and of course pretty girls (I am a gent, so I like girls). All these… more »
Thanks for the question, I like it. Since 1991, I have become very interested in the Milky Way with its 400,000,000,000 stars. In 1991 'they' said was 100,000,000,000. In 2005 I heard on the radio that it was 400b. What? I phoned up the Perth Obs… more »

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