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Dearest children,

Thank you all for your fun and participation in my Scripture classes.

When school finishes for you ~ and the big wide amazing world out there becomes open for you to explore more


I will still be here on the web to help you! This WONDERS page will be full ot things students have asked about, as well as thing I have found intriguing, conundrums I am still trying to work out, and things that are purely Wonderful ... I hope you will enjoy expanding your mind ... maybe at university, or in your apprentiship, or in whatever subject catches your interest!

Here is the first oneWhat Colour ARE leaves?

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What about the debate about Creation or Evolution?  See here or further down  \/\/\/

WE say "SEE-ing is Believing"

Oh, are you sure you are thinking what you see is so:

Where do you stand on this fact?




Q.1. How did it get there:

By luck, by ‘The big bang’, by Mother Nature or by a being so huge that we cannot comprehend how it moves the stars?

What about the debate about Creation or Evolution?


The earth is ninety three million (93,000,000) miles from the Sun.

Note: one percent (1%) is 930,000 miles. So consider:


Q.2. How would the earth be if it was 1% closer to the Sun?


Q.3 How would the earth be if it was 1%  further from the Sun?

You Are Here in this Solar System

Q.4 How did water come to be so abundant on our earth?


Q.5 How come that the earth’s oceans are salty? (20 to 40 grams per litre)


Q.6 How come on land water is fresh?

Q.7 Do you believe that there is intelligent life in outer space? 

Q.8   Suppose a craft from another ‘Star’ landed on our planet , beings , non threatening, joined with humans, learnt to speak with us and after six months went home one night, what sort of report might they give their leaders about earth?

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The Answerer - Peter Harris, answered children's questions from his many years of teaching "Scripture" classes.
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