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You have every right to ask because you have prayed. Please do not give up praying. Please note: I could write a book on this question. A large book. Daniel I think, is the only one in the Bible (the Lions den Daniel) of whom it is written “you who a… more »
Oh boy, this one is not easy to answer by anyone. One could expect answers at least sometimes but I have heard of some immediate, spoken answers to immediate, urgent needs. God talked to Moses, Elijah, Jonah and some other Bible notables in the early… more »
The full question was: Q147: If we pray and wish to God will he make our wishes come true? Probably not. Why? Well you used the word ’wish’ – as we all do sometimes. You may have meant something else but our wishes are mostly selfish. Like a new bik… more »
The Bible does not spell out exactly how He does. It is a mystery. God is omnipotent (all powerful), omnipresent (everywhere at once), and omniscient (knows everything). Just how God is all those things I cannot tell you, but He did make the world so… more »
Not by CPR (cardiac pulmonary resuscitation) as the Ambulance/Paramedics people do today. Put simply, Jesus carried within him God’s power to do anything. Not in a doctors ‘black bag’, but in his power as the Son of God. That mighty power could not be… more »

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