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  Yes! Indeed He does! Why? Because we are ??made in His image.? (like him) (Gen.1:26). Jesus? whole life was directed to us. He spoke of love 27 times in John?s Gospel alone. In John 3:16 Jesus said to a night visitor, Nicodemus: ?For God loved the w… more »
  I recall who wrote this question, a really kind and lovely girl. She hit the jackpot by seeing a part of the Bible that exposed who Jesus was and WHY He came to this earth. Thank you. Long ago, a very long time ago, after Adam and Eve ?messed up? th… more »
This will have to be long as it is a most important question. By a miracle from God. Some Christians and many ordinary folk doubt this fact but if Jesus was an ordinary human, born normally, he could not possibly do the things that Jesus did! To the C… more »
Yes he truly was. Read Q.8 and think about it. Nobody but God?s son could have done the things Jesus did unless he was truly God?s son. more »


Q11: Why were we born?

This is the all time favourite that everybody wonders about. Some folk forget it and never have any direction in life at all. Others worry, but never find anything that satisfies the heart. Because we are made in God?s image, I believe that we belong t… more »

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