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Dear Children,

You will notice that The Answerer uses a wheelchair to get around.

I have done so for 39 years. I 'got mine' at home when I fell from the balcony of my new but unfinished two storey home. I was tired - from shiftwork - and should have been wise enough to have a sleep. I did not. I went out on the balcony (with no balustrade) to do some painting because it was going to rain the next day. Half asleep - I stepped where I thought there was decking to step on ... but there was not.

That was 39 years ago and I got incomplete paraplegia in my spine from the fall injury. 'Incomplete' means that I have full use of my arms and hands (and hopefully my brain!) but from the waist down sensation begins to disappear and my lower legs have no feeling at all.

Now about you: NB; (Note Well) The Answerer cares about you - Ok.

All kids love to have fun and I did too.

But the stakes are much higher now as cars will go much faster than in my day and they are not as strong...with much greater injuries in a crash.

IF - you are in a car with a group of friends and the driver is not 'with it' by alcohol or drugs ... 'GET OUT'!


It only takes 2 seconds to be dead - or worse to get ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) and be alive. Being alive with ABI is really horrible. So ... get yourself out of that car by deceit, pleading or whatever it takes. Tell the driver you are going to 'throw up', fill your pants ... anything, but JUST GET OUT!

If they call you a 'chicken' just tell them: "I'd rather be a live chicken than a 'dead duck'."

In my 39 years in the wheelchair - I have been around hospitals a fair bit and make mental note of some with brain damage and other problems around hospitals, etc. I think I would rather be dead! Somehow, you must get out of that car before it is too late and regret to rule your every thought for the rest of your life. Regret is a horrible thing.

These are details of being 'half-alive'  ...  to think about and exiting a car with a drunk driver at the wheel.

There are many ... maybe hundreds, of 'half-alive' youths in a special institution for those with ABI, mostly from car crashes. They cannot focus their eyes, feed themselves, talk, toilet themselves (both sorts) or even get in and out of their wheelchairs. They dribble and have their mouth open and hands are mostly in the 'clawed' position. They require 24 hour care for 20, 30,or even 40 years with no hope of getting better and no dating, marriage and a family. ABI is what you could get in a crash. Yes indeed, so be smart and think on it  - because the 'Friends' in that car are the wrong sort for you. I have just seen advertised on TV a new insurance added to our driver's licence to help cover the costs of care for these crash victims ~ but I am sure ALL would simply rather that it had not happened in the first place!

AND ... your Mum and Dad will regret the loss for ever ... especially the boys. Mums have a special love for sons - that is never really talked about, but is very strong.

Heavenly steps up and down with light shining


Late note:

I almost never watch E.R. shows on TV but I did last night; (9/1/13) on SBS.



At RPA in Melbourne in one week = 93 survived with serious injury and 4 went to the morgue.The viewer is shown actual people and the injuries ... from the roadside crash to recovery or 'he didn't make it'.

Well worth learning what the 30 staff in the ER deal with some nights.

We were also shown how a Mum, an ER surgeon, and her normal lovely kids, playing in the park, how they all feel about Mum and her job.


Dearest children,

Thank you all for your fun and participation in my Scripture classes.

When school finishes for the term ~

I will still be here on the web to help you!

Some students have graduated to High School and so I may not see you again, as I usually teach year 6 & 7 classes at primary school.

However, sometimes after we have had our lesson together - I think of something that I SHOULD have said and so now I can put it in words here on the internet!

So this page will be for all those "thoughts of caring things I would like to say" that might just keep you safe and well.  In years to come ~ you might see me at the shops or somewhere and I will be so pleased to see how you have grown!

So here are my first few:

  1. Don't smoke!As you SUCK on them, they make you the SUCKER! (I don't see any cigarette company bosses smoking - they know how dangerous they are to THEIR health!)
  2. Take care! People often say this to each other as they leave home or after visiting someone. It's called a 'salutation' or if you wear a uniform you would give a 'salute' = same thing! It is a 'nice-manners' moment.

I really mean it, when I say this! I once didn't take enough care and now I am in a wheelchair. Maybe one day when someone is teasing you, or bullying you into doing something you know that you shouldn't = YOU WON'T! Because you remember me and so just DON'T do it! (Learn from my mistake - don't repeat it!)

  1. Be ready with a plan!If for example, you are getting a ride home by someone and they seem to be driving very badly or are drunk = you could say, "I feel sick and I am going to vimit!" The driver will pull over to let you be sick outside the car. So then ring your parent to come to get you ... and only when you are on your way home with your parent - then explain why you "pretended to be sick!" (Maybe you were car-sick or their breath made you feel sick for real.)

It is better to inconvenience people with a little 'acting performance' than have your parents need to visit you in a hospital after a car accident!

  1. Meaning of life? Well sometimes you find different answers as you go through life! If life is tough, or boring or lonely! Remember that time does change things!

For example: Home time might be just a few hours a way - so forgive the 'pest who is bothering you' so you don't need to spend time after school in detention. You never know that one day, they might just turn out to be a life-long friend!

It takes being a friend - to have a friend!


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