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Are You Ready to Hear?

Some people are, and some are not, and some never will be.

Jesus told this story to teach his Disciples (and us) of different people and how some will gladly receive His word, others are just ‘Too busy.’ to take it on board-and some gladly take it and keep on taking it. It is a truly wonderful story that illustrates our lives here on earth.

Farmers: Everybody likes to grow things and appreciates the farmer who grows it for us to eat and enjoy. Jesus told this story like this: (theanswerer’s version)

A farmer was sowing seed so he could have a crop of probably wheat or corn, and some money. No machinery then and the grain was thrown (scattered) buy throwing handfuls into the ploughed field (paddock). Some of the seeds fell on the path through the field and birds saw it and flew down and ate it.  Other seed fell on stony ground and other seed fell among thorns and thistles and these weeds choked out much of the good seed and some seed fell on good soil. The seed on stony ground grew –but when the sun got hot the soil quickly dried out and the plant died. The seed in the good soil grew well and in the end produced (grew) 30 seeds from one plant. Other plants did better and produced 60 grains and some 100 grains from the one plant.

So it is the same with people who hear the ‘Good News’ (the Gospel of Jesus). Some are just too busy making money and buying ‘things’ for the family, others find it all a bit too hard to understand and believe it and in some cases Satan comes and ‘Helps them to forget’ what they learnt. But others are glad to hear such ‘Good news’ and want to hear and understand more and more. They gladly produce the extra grains and spread the ‘Good News’ to others.

Those who hear the ‘Good News’ are the people who hear it, believe it and want to know more and serve God in any way He directs them- even to becoming missionaries to their own people. That is what Jesus meant in saying “…some produce 30, 60 or even 100 times what was sown by the ‘Farmer’”-meaning a Christian who shares the ‘Good News’ with others.”

Just suppose now that you were among those listening to Jesus telling the story. “Which group do you think you would be in?”

The first three are those who let ‘things’- possessions and money-be first in their thinking. Others are just not interested, and some others get enthusiastic, but when troubles or persecution come along they blame God for bad things and forget about the ‘Good News’ that they heard. The ‘Jesus way’ is not all happiness and good times. These teach wise people many good things, if he or she will understand that God is not, maybe, in the hurry that they are in.

Mark 4.1-24 and Matthew 13:1-23

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