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Thanks for the question. I have had to do a good bit of research to answer this one ( I didn’t know!). And anyone can spend many years studying all the kings, governors, rulers, etc. and the wars (one for 23 years) and the ‘Who’s Who’ of those 400… more »
{I told the story of Joseph to the children as a Bible story (A Bible ‘Soapie’) as a way of seeing that bad things can happen to good people (see Genesis Ch.37 to Chapter 50) but God was arranging things because He knew what was best.} In listening to… more »
I have answered this one before in Question 264 but a bit extra detail won’t hurt. Jealousy and money – people kill for it today – just as people did in Bible times. I like the telling of bad bits in the Bible because it shows that it is not a lovely… more »
Benjamin grew up in Egypt with Jacob and his 11 sons. Jacob included Ephraim and Manasseh, Joseph’s two sons from Asenath, the wife that the Pharaoh gave him in Egypt. Benjamin led a normal life as all the other brothers and one of the twelve tribes of… more »
Well first of all he and his younger brother grew up together and mostly stayed at home with Jacob and his first wife Leah. Leah was like a real mum to them as Rachel had died giving birth to Benjamin. Jacob, I guess, was not keen to have the two sons… more »

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