Q160: What does people in other countries believe in?

Mostly anything that they have taught by their parents, because everybody needs, even long, to believe in a god of some sort because the human heart: ‘…has an empty space that only God can fill.’

There are many people in developing countries; (that is a nice way of saying that those countries have few schools, most cannot read and write, very poor roads, almost no hospitals or knowledge of hygiene (like toilets and fresh water), still have Shamans who are trusted like we trust doctors. Some could be called ‘witch doctors’. They consult dead chickens insides, old bones and a variety of ‘charms’ or trinkets they carry in a bag. Of course they charge good money for their advice.

In parts of Asia some of those people sell ground up rhinoceros horn. It is regarded as a powerful medicine for sexual problems and strength. It is only keratin – the same material as your hair and nails – yet it is worth thousands of dollars for a tiny bit of it, and rhinoceros could soon be extinct – except in zoos – because poachers kill them for their horns. Those animal poachers worship money.

Quite a few cultures still sacrifice live chickens to please their ‘spirit gods’ who, they believe, are all around them. Some cultures are referred to as ‘Christo-pagan’ because missionaries have told them of the God of the Bible and the Christian way and they believe some of it but the Pagan ‘spirit-world’ is still a real fact of life…a part of daily living.

Middle-Eastern and North African countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco etc. are mostly Muslim and worship Allah (God). In India there are thousands of ‘gods’ worshipped by Hindus, Sikhs, Brahmans; and others in Asia worship Buddha. Many Japanese worship Shintoism, which involves ancestor veneration or worship. There’s an awful lot of them out there. Jesus told his disciples: ‘I have been given all authority in heaven and earth. Therefore go and make disciples in all nations, baptising them into the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit and then teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you and be sure of this, I will be with you till the end of the age.’ (Matthew chapter 28 verses18 to 20) So, in most countries there are Christians, the same as here in Australia because of missionaries. Quite a few are hated for bringing Christianity to a country and thousands have, and still are, killed every year for their efforts.

In some ‘advanced’ (maybe backward really) ‘First World’ countries the God of the Bible is sort of worshipped but money, expensive cars and huge costly houses are worshipped more. Much of the money to buy these things comes from poor people all over the world. That is true, and it is bound to bring real trouble one day – maybe soon. God could very well judge them and punish them.

God is good, kind and forgiving but there is a limit to how much oppression rich people can put on poor people and God has been known to punish those who know what they should be doing, but refuse to do it. That makes God angry and he does not forget.

In a book I have on current world money problems it says that 1,000 very rich people run the world economy. When you’re older, look out for one, or all of them…they want your money and may even want to run the world!! Yes! Do not believe all you hear on the TV. Learn to THINK about what you are told…or hear.

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