Q182: Do you believe in reincarnation and why?

Well, for starters, I do not believe in reincarnation because it is a very hazy idea, even confusing, and is not mentioned in the Bible – and what if I did come back as a lamb or a pig…I might get eaten!

I have spent some time on the WWW reading up on reincarnation. I did a test and I shall come back as a Rhino! Heck! They’re ugly! Seems that I am not too bad a person after all (it was ‘Reincarnation Station’ on the www)

I cannot accept it! “I consider myself ‘good’, but who is the judge?” “Who decides if I have told the truth” I have no idea who judges me. Am on my on my way ‘Up’-or ‘Down’?!

On the WWW there were many quotes to agree with reincarnation. Napoleon is quoted, but he contradicts other very good things he had said about Jesus. (Napoleon was a dictator who ruled France, but seemed to love going to war. He finished up with France broke (no money) and him in disgrace.)

One quote on the WWW takes a story about Jesus healing a blind man. The writer claims that the blind man was in reincarnation but fails to tell the whole story of what Jesus said. Actually the disciples asked Jesus “Was the man born blind because of his parents sin or his own sin?”. Jesus told why the man was born blind: “...to demonstrate the power of God.” There are six or eight stories in this chapter nine of John’s gospel. Very gripping to read about how politics and Jesus ‘split’ the people as to just who was right. Jesus healed the blind man on the Sabbath. That was a ‘big no no’ to work on the Sabbath. It is hilarious in that the poor blind bloke shamed the religious leaders who called him: “...an illegitimate b*^*@**”, and threw him out of the Synagogue. Very entertaining story indeed (John Ch.9).

To sum up on a quite big subject: Only the Bible tells the future,and has never been wrong. It also covers the whole spectrum of life of people-individuals and people generally. It tells of life’s beginning, how to love and survive, the bit in-between (living) and the assured end in heaven. EVERYBODY thinks about heaven and what lies beyond. Only the Bible tells of one who said he would be killed and come back to life again-and who says that we can have the same life after our death(a spiritual body). “Yes.” There is life after death but not in the body of an animal-and this was spoken by Jesus who knew all about God, life, death and heaven.

And lastly: I saw on TV an Indian man ‘earning credits’ for life after death. He was covering a hundred miles or more…by prostrating himself full length on the dusty ground and making a mark there. Then standing up on the mark, knelt down with his arms outstretched to prostrate himself full length again at the last mark and make a new one. In this manner he intended for carry on for days or weeks, to have his ‘god’ take note of his devotion to that ‘god’. That surely borders on crazy!

Jesus’ people (the serious ones) may ‘Answer a call from God’ and go as a doctor, nurse, teacher, physio, agricultural worker or maybe a pilot in Africa, South America and in some of the most basic, unpleasant places on earth to set up hospitals, nursing stations etc., where there was nothing, to help sick people.

Many – and I know dozens of them, spend ten, twenty or even fifty years of their lives healing the sick and improving the lives of million – in the name of Jesus – and telling of Jesus who freely forgives our sins. No ‘duties’ or ‘work’ are required, they volunteer to go! Their expenses are paid voluntarily by Christians at home.

Maybe that’s why refugees badly want to come to ‘Christian’ countries where the Ten Commandments are the basis of government and how the people live.

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