Q184: Why do we go to heaven or hell?

I guess that there are only two places to go, but the Bible does say that God put a spirit in man (people) so they are therefore like God and that spirit never dies, so it needs to go somewhere when the body dies.

Our soul which is different but very much a part of our spirit, is what sort of person we develop into by our thinking, planning, behaviour, our attitude in how we help or hinder other people in our lives. All that is weighed up (judged) by God who then decides if we spend eternity with God – or away from Him.

Jesus told a story of a guy who was very rich and uncaring of others and a guy who was very sick and poor. They both died around the same time. One went to ‘heaven’ the other to ‘hell’. There is a separation, and no other place was mentioned by Jesus in that story. (Luke Ch.16:verses 19 to 31).

And in case you were wondering we choose in this life which place we go to. I don’t believe that there is some place where we can ‘make up for lost time and bad behaviour’ by being ‘Good’ for X number of years. Why do I say this? Because the Bible is – and has been ‘The Good Book’ for over 5,000 years.

It has been the world’s ‘best seller’ for yonks, the only religious handbook that tells the future and has never been wrong. It predicted the Messiah’s (Jesus) life in quite small detail – which has all come true – save for a few future events. Can any other religious handbook claim that? You decide!!

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