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Kids ask questions of Peter Harris a Scripture Teacher in Perth public schools. Sadly it seems the Bible Stories are being re-enacted in real life at the moment. The stories may have more 'is-REAL-ism' since 1948. Before that there was no IS-RA-EL. (For exactly 1,871 years.)

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That's me to the right of this page - in my wheelie-chair maybe at your school.

Here is Peters Restores Hillman car                     

     Peter's car is fully restored! 

Please check out my Bible Stories page and picture-click to read, save or print them.


Dear Reader:

In my first book I answered 100 of YOUR questions about: "Why didn't God stop?" or simply "Why doesn't God?" and about bad things that happen or about bad people doing bad things. 

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          See also the children.org.au website which has all of the Questions & Answers uploaded. (Someone else likes my Answers and that means they like your Questions, too!

The answers are being added below as blogs - so you can comment as others have contributed already. We have 1,500 more comments to work through this month!  

From Peter Harris

"The Answerer"

("The Answerer" is the name the children

in my Scripture classes call me!)

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The Answerer

The Answerer - Peter Harris, answered children's questions from his many years of teaching "Scripture" classes.
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