God doesn't - people do. Did you know that every day 25,000 children under five years old die from easily prevented sickness or hunger? And 1,500,000,000 people go to bed hungry every night, while 1,500,000,000 in 'The West' are sick from eating too much food. A very sad fact of life is that money and power (over other people) rules, OK? When all the dust, lies and disputes are settled it is money, and resources like oil, gold, copper, or other minerals that are important. What has this got to do with people starving? People get in the way of greed. If people get in the way they must be shifted; sometimes to other lands, refugee camps - and in some cases killed. Some people are quite without mercy or pity for others and kill them. God must get pretty sad - and maybe angry to watch it all. There is another side too. Many countries do not have an elected government. Australia has but it too has faults. In some countries an Army General may gather around him a large group of armed soldiers or Militia and 'Rule From the End of a Gun' and terrorise its people to do as they are told. Now, these dictators spend much money on their war machines and flashy cars. So...not much money left for schools, hospitals and imported food if it is needed. I recently received from a reputable organisation, some information on this problem: 60% of the world's poor are Muslim, 80% of the world's refugees are Muslim and 15 of the top 20 nations on the Human Rights Watch list (i.e. abuse of human rights) are Muslim. Why do refugees want to come to (mostly Christian) countries? They give people a 'fair go'. Sorry, but that answer could not be short. It is a knotty problem.
First, it is not for me to say - I am not your judge. But if you get to be grown up and do not believe in God - would you really expect God to say: "You MUST come into heaven." No! He will not. So you will be where God is not, with other people who do not believe in Him. I reckon that would not be very nice. So, be smart - let God in and enjoy all the good things He has in store for those who love Him.
I know the answer is 'Yes'. When I was younger and thought I knew everything. I was going to my car to drive to my church where there was to be a 'World Day of Prayer.' All churches in my area were to have a meeting of interested persons to pray for the world. On my way to the car I was thinking, "How can we all pray together? The Catholics bring their Rosary Beads; the Anglicans bring their Book of Prayer and what if the Charismatics pray in 'tongues' (unknown languages) it will be strange? I was thinking 'We Baptists are the best and the right way.' A voice interrupted my thoughts saying : "What makes you think you are better than them?" Oops! I was being proud and feeling superior? Yes, lesson learnt. And King David wrote: "Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely O Lord." (Psalm 139:4). David, Goliath's killer, was very close to God.
You could expect Him to answer now and then, because that's how children are. People do hear His, or His messenger's voice now and then, but mostly in extreme circumstances. I know of a girl, 22yo. had God speak to her ten or twenty times: I am glad it was not me! She was lost in the South China Sea for three days and two nights on a child's canoe. Her book is thrilling: "A Mighty Tempest" and she tells it all. She was not a Christian when she went out and was carried away by a strong ocean current. She is a Christian now. She was on TV, in newspapers and magazines, etc. On the third day she called out: "God am I going to die?" Voice: "You are not going to die." "How can you say that? This is my third day and I can not hang on any more" Voice: "You are not going to die." She ignored 'the voice' and paddled off towards an island and had the canoe turned around by a unseen hand - which bought about her rescue by a passing boat of Christian fishermen. They thought she was a mermaid. Yes they did! Finding a pretty girl with long blond hair, 100 miles from shore was quite unusual. I have heard that 'voice' four times in 78 years. I did not ask for it. Jesus knows "What we have need have before we ask." (Matthew 7:8). Also, today we have the Bible to guide us, friends to seek good advice from and lots of good books. Read one of my encounters with a 'voice' in the appendix of my book number 1. The 'voice' interrupted my Bible reading to tell me over and over to go see a lady until I said, "Alright, I'll go." My visit stopped the lady from killing herself. God is there all right and He knows your thoughts too.
All people who can think have a need to worship something. Every race of people has their idea, or system of worship. They know there is something up there or out there. With no god to see or touch they make one and the people endow it with godlike power. That is why Christian missionaries are all over the world telling anyone who will listen the 'Good News' about Jesus. Many of them are killed in some way every year in countries that are hostile to the 'Good News' of Jesus. Many choose to follow the God of the Christian people and are very happy. In some countries converts to Jesus have to keep it a secret so as not to be killed. And that is true!

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The Answerer - Peter Harris, answered children's questions from his many years of teaching "Scripture" classes.
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