Sure have for me, the writer, but I think you mean has God made any.

Well I cannot truthfully speak for Him, but I know one part where He was very sorry for what had happened in men.

In Exodus God got very angry and was about to kill many of His people. He said to Moses: “I have seen these people and they are a stiff-necked people.” “Now leave me alone so that my anger may burn against them and destroy them.” (Exodus 32:1-33). WOW! Look out, God is very angry.

Moses talked God out of killing them (some feat indeed) and none of them got zapped.

Before that the Bible records that, “When the Lord God saw the extent of human wickedness and that the trend and direction of men’s lives were only towards evil, He was sorry that He had made them. It broke His heart.”  (Genesis 6:5-6). He did give us a choice to do right or wrong. He killed them all except Noah and his family. It is all in Genesis chapter 6, 7 and 8. Thinking on that, I wonder what God thinks of us humans today?

Have you seen movies about Noah, or books, seems everyone knows the story! There are something like 400 similar stories in historical cultural records: could they all have passed down this same story?

Sorry, but there is no reference to God having parents or a beginning.

I believe we’ll find out all we want to know - 

in heaven but not now, down here.


Q20: Why is there a God?

This is a hard one to pin down.

All, civilisations have some sort of god. The Egyptians have left a huge reminder that there is an afterlife and someone there. They called the sun the God 'Ra'. Mayan Indians and the Incas knew there was 'something' up there, in the sky and the Easter Island stone monuments testify that man is body, soul and spirit. (3 parts).

It has been said: "There is a God shaped space in the human heart, that only God can fill."

We all need something to worship. Some choose a Harley Davidson motorcycle, some a Lamborghini car and others a rock star they know about. We lavish our money, time and yes worship, on our 'god.'

Jesus came to show us the way to the God who loves us, made us and everything in this earth.


A little humour:

Diner in café: Waiter! What's this fly doing in my soup!

Waiter, looking: Well sir, it looks like breastroke to me Sir.


Diner: Waiter, call the manager, this food is terrible.

Waiter: I'm sorry Sir, he knows it's terrible - he's gone out to lunch.

Good question. A common family problem and young feelings can be really hurt.

God is a God of justice and fair play.

In Leviticus and Deuteronomy there are hundreds of examples of how disputes are to be settled God's way. And it is pretty tight. Briefly: if you cause another person loss - you fix that loss!

It could be a broken plough, a lost donkey, or an ox that got away. And God made 'cities of refuge' where a man can run to if he accidentally kills someone. The dead person's family might kill him without trial, so God made a place where he could safely wait for a fair trial. Possessions were very costly and important then.

You must seek replacement through mum or dad or someone grown up.

If that fails, a threat can help. If it was a pesky little brother who was in your room and stepped on a tape or disc and told nobody and denied wrongdoing - then fear can help: Take a wrapped Mintie to his room, be friendly and start chatting while mum is busy on the phone. Tell him it is good to have a little brother. Give him the minty and while he unwraps it pin him down by his arms and hiss in his face: "If you ever break anything in my room again, I'll come in while you are asleep and shave you bald!" Snatch the minty back and walk out quietly and shut the door.

Justice must be seen to be done.


Q22: Why are we so mean?

Wow. How honest you are. I phoned King Solomon about this (he was the wisest man who ever lived) but his phone was constantly engaged. (I can read his advice in the Bible in his book called "Proverbs" - which means 'wise sayings.')

The answer is not easy. We are all of us come from different families and backgrounds so are all different.

 One: Show a child meanness and they will grow up mean.

Two: Show them kindness and love and they will grow up showing kindness and love.

Three: Show them violence and anger and that's what they will show growing up.

In all three, a person can change, given the right example by the right person.

A great mentor of mine, Zig Ziglar said in one of his public addresses: "You're where you are, you're what you are, because of what has gone into your mind. You can change where you are, you can change what you are, by changing what goes into your mind." (Zig Ziglar, Perth 1984) Zig also said: "We need to get this matter of eternity sorted out if you truly want to be happy." (The God bit.)

Now, you could be sick, eat too much of the wrong food, watch too much TV, or live in a house that has mould and/or various poisons going into your body. This needs a doctor to check it out.

Do you have one good friend? We all need one. Talk to that one.

Finally, sadly – abuse.

This can be physical, emotional or sexual. IF...somebody is touching in any way your private parts (what's under your bathers) and you hate it, it is wrong, very wrong and even criminal. They can even be in your family – you must have it stopped. Tell a policeman or policewoman, someone in authority, a teacher, or a chaplain. There are now (in 2019) many chaplains helping people out in many different groups. People can go to jail for doing such evil things.

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