God’s power within Him. He would just ‘call on God’ in His mind and His words would make it happen.

On one occasion a sick lady ‘…touched the hem of his garment’ and was healed.

Jesus said: “Who touched me? I felt power go out from me.” (Mark 5:25-34). Be assured people get helped today, as in the time when Jesus was here, but not everyone. And that happened in Jesus time too, not everyone.

I have MET one very much-changed lady who was lost in the South China Sea on a child’s dugout canoe - drifting around in the ocean for three days and two nights. This lady, Michelle Hamilton, had told her mum that she: “…did not need this Jesus thank you.” Jesus had very recently transformed her mum’s life. God, or His messenger spoke very clearly to Michelle ten or more times. Even repeated the statement: “You are not going to die.”

In my 78 years I have never heard of God’s messenger repeating what he had just said when asked to.

Michelle was a most independently-minded girl but by the third day was in very poor shape and needed help. She saw an island and it looked very good to her so she paddled towards it. Voice: “Don’t go that way, turn around and go the other way.” Michelle of course knew that was silly, she wanted her feet on solid ground and kept going. But her canoe was picked up by an unseen hand and thrown in the opposite direction. She swam after it and soon met her rescue boat. It was manned by Christian fishermen. They thought she was: “an Americano Mermaid”. They were very poor with almost no education. They were amazingly kind and generous.

Her book, A Mighty Tempest, is amazing reading and is filled with many miracles.

She now lives in Sydney (see www.michellehamilton.com.au for more info about how it all happened).

So, how could Jesus help sick people and those in trouble? In His own way – not always when we ask, but miracles still happen and we all must use the medical help that is readily available.

Check out the girl (now a grown lady) and her story at www.amightytempest.com It can also be seen on Youtube.

“No!” it goes on forever and ever. AND there is no crying, no night and the ‘River of life’ flows down the main street. The fruit trees will yield twelve crops of fruit a year and the leaves are for: “…the healing of the nations.” Wow! The nations will be healed – I guess that means no wars. The disciple John was given a vision of heaven while in exile on the Island of Patmos. John was the only Disciple to be alive in his old age. See (Rev.22:1-5). Please note we will not be sitting on clouds playing harps. Jesus said to His Disciples: “I am going to prepare a place for you…” If Jesus does it, it will be very, very good.
I don’t know so I can’t say. Way, way back Satan was banished because he had rebellion in his heart, but he was a created angel. Heaven will be far better than we can ever imagine. The Bible says: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has anyone imagined what God has prepared for those whom love Him.” (1 Corinthians 2:9). It will be very good ~ so even if it was possible, who would want to be banished? Not me.
It is not like an aeroplane where the man in the control tower gives the pilot instruction as to ‘Take-off’ and ‘Landing’. It takes most of us many years to know the difference between our wanting something and what is good for us and what God wants us to have, or do. Basically the choice is yours. You tell Him that you would like Him to ‘control’ you. He will know what you mean. Then, do mix with people who are serious about ‘putting into practice’ what the Bible says. As we get to know more, we grow more, and little by little we learn to know how, and what, God would have us do. Very seldom will you hear His, or His messengers speak audibly to you. I have had that happen four times in 78 years. I never asked. Mostly, we know what’s right. Sometimes, our heart overrules what we might badly want. We learn later that it was not wise to have that thing. That’s how we learn from our mistakes. Christians should never be in a hurry to make big decisions.
Basically, it was a part of God's 'Rescue Package' to bring us back to Him. Seems strange but it's true. If Jesus had not died, there would be no world changing resurrection of Jesus from the grave. Christianity would simply be another 'good set of rules and ideas to live by'. There are plenty of them around. God's love, and Jesus' love, was shown to us in the death and resurrection of Jesus. An illustration: Somebody does something bad, really bad. The police cannot find him and the public complain that the police cannot find the criminal and are under pressure to catch one. They finally do, but the man is innocent. No matter - we have a suspect and false charges make him seem guilty. He goes to jail and the public are happy. He has become the 'fall guy' for the real criminal and pays the price with his time in jail. Jesus volunteered to be the 'fall guy' for us. A 'sacrificial lamb' is another example of an innocent one paying the price of someone else's crime. We could not get to heaven by our own efforts. Jesus paid the price for our sins to get us there.

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