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Q144: What will happen if the earth has been Died so where can we go?

’I thank you for a first class question.’ Why do I thank you? Well, within your lifetime, say by 2025, ’we earthlings’, must change our ways dramatically or face very serious climate, environmental, housing and food crisis the likes of which we have never had to face in 6,000 years of history on this earth. That’s a true statement!

There has always been plenty of ’new country’ to move to – now there is not. Good farming land is being covered in roads, housing and concrete and by 2050 there will be 2,000,000,000 extra people who will want to be fed, housed, clothed and maybe want a car and petrol to fuel it. That’s the direction ’We’ are going in now.

And there is no other place to go! Our nearest star (like our sun) is Alpha Centauri and that is 2-3 light years away and about 97,650,350,000,000 kilometres away. To get there at 50,000 MPH would take about 55,000 years. (The last bit was on the great ABC radio in Perth recently – in 2018) There is no guarantee of water, food and beauty like trees, flowers, birds and so on.

Scientists talk of other places to live but I think it will never work.

In 2019 tens of thousands of students around the world  skipped school to march in protest at no action on climate change. KEEP IT UP KIDS!!! This writer hails you and is proud of you. We all must do more to keep this lovely planet clean and beautiful.

In the final par. from ‘You kids in upper primary school’ Please change that to:  You kids in Primary and High school now,  (continue on with the rest of the par.)

SO...get your Mum, Dad, politicians, all of us, who consume too much to cease consuming more than is necessary! ie: big cars, big houses, food, ’STUFF’ we can do without (and later put on the road verge for pick up for the tip) because this generation (those aged 17 to 60) are using up this earth’s resources much too fast! They are stealing tomorrow’s oil, iron, aluminium, rare earth metals, and food growing soil and so on. You kids deserve to have a reasonable life here on earth. No other planet is habitable!! We must look after this one a lot better!! Like using less wood – save trees from destruction, stop eating too much, use less petrol, concserve water and make green electricity! Big problems if we do not! Some of you will know, but not fully understand that ’Banksters’ (money men) could have avoided the recent huge losses of money but they made huge profits from that financial ’Crash’, and little people paid dearly for their (unseen to us) benefits.

You kids in upper primary school now, are the first to ’See’ and to understand that real problems are ahead of this world and we all must change our wasteful ways. Truly, ’God help us if we fail to change our wasteful ways.’ ’God bless you’, for thinking about it now.

Q145: Who is Mother Nature? Is she God?

Ripper of a question! Thank you, it is a beauty. I had never really given it much thought myself, so I’ll ask a few friends too. ’Mother nature’ is a very good friend to us all. She tells us to put on a jumper if we’re cold, take it off when we get hot, drink if we’re thirsty and eat if we are hungry after school (good healthy stuff please, Mum). Serious trouble if we do not obey!!

’Mother Nature’ brings us rain… and some city people curse the rain – farmers rejoice at it. rain at the right time causes the farmer to plant his crop of wheat, barley, oats, beans and so on. ’Mother Nature’ tells the seed to swell and grow, and the leaves are ’told’ to grow up to the sun, and the roots down into the soil. (I have never known them to go the opposite way.) The winter cold gets rid of mozzies and flies and we can enjoy the footie and yell for our favourite team.

So exactly who or what is ’Mother Nature’? ’She’ caused you as a microscopic sized egg to be formed and grow inside your Mum until it was time for you to come into this world – and yell at the pain when you took your first breath, and filled your lungs with the perfect mixture of gases that make up the air we breathe. How come that air is ’just right’ to sustain human life? ’Mother Nature’ made it – or did it just get there, in vast quantities, all by itself, all 15 km of it above earth?

And the sun. It is ’just right’ at 140,000.000 kilometres from us…and summer can be hot but not enough to barbecue us, and not too cold in winter to freeze us. Very handy to be just the right distance from the sun…and the planet earth does not need a Yo-Yo string to keep it in place. ’Mother Nature’ keeps it in the same orbit with only gravity to hold it there. Not half bad I say! ’Thank you, ’Mother Nature.’ This planet is rather nice to live on, especially with roast lamb, roast potato, pumpkin and delicious onions for dinner, and ice-cream for sweets. ’YUM!

This ’Answerer’ believes that ’Mother Nature’ is a convenient nick-name for the creator, God. When people may not want to accept that God had a hand in designing and creating this lovely planet and the environment and the people on it, so instead of saying ’God’; they avoid it by saying ’Mother Nature’. What do you think?

New news: I heard on the ABC radio in my town, Perth, yesterday (28/12/2011) that a scientist and his team of researchers in Australia are very fond of a South American beetle (no, not a VW Beetle). This desert living beetle goes out each morning to sit in the sun, and across his back he, or she, extracts water from the air. When the shell on his back is covered with water the beetle has a drink and then gets on with his daily activities. These researchers are most impressed with this beetle’s ability to get a drink in the desert from the air. They have copied the beetle and harvest water from the air by imitating the same sort of covering the beetle has on his back. Mother Nature or God? That science team harvest one litre of water from one square metre of their imitation beetle cloth is their result. Well done folks – Mother Nature is pretty smart, eh?

About storms, hurricanes, floods, heat waves etc…human activity and 80 million. barrels of oil burnt daily! We humans have played a part in clearing land, felling forests, fouling oceans and rivers. WE MUST STOP that sort of thing if we want to survive to enjoy this planet.

Q146: How do you know you are going to hell or not?’

You choose…and I thank you for this very important question.

If your Mum, Dad, uncle or anybody else you know was a Christian, a missionary or even a preacher, that will not get you into heaven. You make the decision yourself to accept what Jesus said as true, or that it is a load of rubbish. That decides whether or not you go to heaven.

As a child, God will not send you to hell. Jesus never mentioned the word children and hell together. While you are a child you just do not know enough yet to make the choice. Later on in life we all make a choice to accept God and Jesus as the true God; or you say to yourself ’I cannot believe all that rubbish about God and the Bible.’ (Most who say that have never read the Bible, but they know without reading it that it is all a load of rubbish.)

When Jesus raised Lazarus to life after his four days in the tomb, He told Lazarus’ sister, Martha: ’I am the one who raises the dead and gives them life again. Anyone who believes in me, even though he dies like anyone else, shall live again. He is given eternal life for believing in me and shall never perish.’ (John chapter 11 verses 25-26).

That is your guarantee! Believing is the first step. Believing in Jesus means that you want to follow His way and his teaching for the rest of your life. Do not treat this belief lightly! Just say a simple prayer to Jesus – tell him that you want to be in his family and not go to hell. He will know exactly what is in your heart. Then get hold of a Bible and begin reading, and I suggest John (the story of Jesus told by John), then Luke and make a habit of reading a bit each day.

Finally, mix with people who are in His family – not in a particular church, but be around Christian people who enjoy life and have fun as well. Being a Christian is not being perfect, always serious and careful of every little thing you say and do. There are many such Christian ’fun’ people in my town and they have lots of fun and enjoy life very much. ’Seek and you will find.’ Jesus said that. I know that in Western Australia, Scripture Union Christians love Jesus and the Bible but also have lots of ’fun’.

The full question was:

Q147: If we pray and wish to God will he make our wishes come true?

Probably not. Why? Well you used the word ’wish’ – as we all do sometimes. You may have meant something else but our wishes are mostly selfish. Like a new bike, dress, laptop, boy/girl friend, or video game. I can only guess what you wished for – I cannot really know.

Here is a story of a prayer/wish by a pilot in New Guinea:

I heard of a lady in the USA being woken up by a voice (or a persistent urging) to get up at 2.00 am and kneel down and pray for a certain pilot in New Guinea who was in trouble. He was praying ’hard’ (and I guess wishing too). She did get out of bed and pray for him, and that pilot who was in trouble above low cloud in New Guinea, and could not see to go low enough to land. He did eventually find a hole in the heavy cloud and was able to see the airstrip and land safely (he was very low on fuel). The lady and the pilot met two years later and compared written notes. ’Yes,’ he said, ’I was in trouble on that day…it is recorded in my pilot’s log book. I could not see where to land.’ (New Guinea is one of the most dangerous places on earth to fly.’ There’s rocks in them thar clouds.’ the pilots say.)

Our wishes mostly are not what God has planned for us. Jesus said of our Father (God): ’He knows what you have need of before you pray.’ Please read question Q 103 – it is about prayer.


I do not know. The 12 disciples asked Jesus almost the same question ’…when will these things be?’ and added later as they were all sitting with Jesus discussing future things: ’What events will signal your return and the end of the world?’ (as we know it).

Jesus had been telling them of the destruction of the beautiful temple, a very large and beautiful temple, and they found it hard to believe that as Jesus said: ’…not one stone will be left upon another.’ (The Romans destroyed it 40 years later. None of Jesus’ words were ever untrue.)

In Matthew chapter 24 and chapter 25 Jesus tells it all. I would not suggest that you go and read it now… it is pretty scary and a bit hard to understand. Judgement day is spelt out in chapter 25. Be assured, if Jesus said it, it is from God and will happen. And maybe in your lifetime too; but Jesus said that even He did not know exactly when it would happen.

I am re-writing this in 2019 and I am a little scared/afraid and yet hopeful. This world seems to be heading for trouble  in many small ways. (Political, financial, too many people, 60 million refugees etc) but put together in is bigger trouble.

Recently an Australian man shot dead 50 Muslim people in New Zealand in a Mosque. Next day I heard of 400 christians killed in West Africa by Muslims.  I believe the USA should not be in Iraq or Afghanistan. Someone’s told me:” The USA only wants the oil from there.”

I do not know the whole truth – and the TV news does not tell it all either. TV only want bad news and that always happens – they love it!! In many countries it is very difficult to be a Christian or build a church. (Look up some countries on the www to see). My country, Australia, has many churches and mosques and no restrictions on religion. Not so in some other countries. Jesus said. “When the good news about the kingdom has  been preached all around the world and told to all the nations, then the end will come.” (Matthew chapter 24 verse 14) Many countries will not allow Jesus (his kingdom) to be told or broadcast at all. This is sad because until then “The end will not come”. When ‘the end’ does come – then it is judgement day. Sorry it is so complicated.

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